Pokemon/Waifu game attempt to expand

hey guys i found the Pokemon/Waifu, i was looking if someone would be interested to add a few features outside of the community as the sight is free and i would supply compensation. I would also like to post after completion so others can have the same benefits

If this is not allowed please delete my apologies.

Below is what i would like to add
-egg command finding with a !scavenger command (random pokemon from list will hatch with the amount of time a person has spent in chat)
-Candy gambling (gamble their candy with a 50/50 percent to win)
-a revive command only the broadcaster can use which will revive their team or single pokemon
-link purchasing candies for 20 twitch bits
-experience given while catching pokemon
-adding evolution stones purchase with 200 twitch bit and will evolve only certain pokemon

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