!points commands aren't working

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0
OS Version: Windows 10 10.0 (x86)
Java Version: 1.8.0_201-b09
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Chrome 73.0.3683.86
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

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~~Most default commands for the bot are working without issue, except for “!points”. When I type it, nothing happens. I’ve tried changing the name of my currency to “shards” which should allow the “!shards” command, but that doesn’t work either. I’ve set the currency back to “!points” for now.

I’m able to play games with my currency, such as adventures or gambling…but my users have no way of checking on their own to see their current currency levels. 31-03-2019.txt (9.4 KB)~~

FIXED. I had to manually enable the bot module for the points system.