Placing and chaining commands in txt files

Hi all,

I’m wondering if its possible to place commands in txt files? I want to create !seppuku command known from moobot, where user gets timed out but once or twice he/she will not be allowed to. My idea is to create command - !seppuku that will contain:
(readfilerdm ./seppukus.txt)

Then seppukus.txt file would look like:
/timeout (sender) 1 - Let it be so!
/timeout (sender) 1 - No one will remember you!
/timeout (sender) 1 - Your honor is yours (sender)!
No, not this time (sender)!

Every time, text after timeout is used as a reason unfortunately.

My second thought was to make txt file looking this:
/timeout (sender) 1 (readfilerdm ./seppukusYES.txt)
/timeout (sender) 1 (readfilerdm ./seppukusYES.txt)
/timeout (sender) 1 (readfilerdm ./seppukusYES.txt)
(readfilerdm ./seppukusNO.txt)

Then in YES file will be some comments when it worked and NO will have some refusal comments.
Is there a way to link /timeout (sender) 1 and (readfilerdm .txt) in text file or maybe there is some easier way?

Cheers all in advance!

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