PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.2

I understand that. But it doesnt show anything after i started using it either

Having the same issue, actually. I have the bot open at all times on and off stream. My tips show in the history, but none of my hosts or raids are showing.

Stock phantombot beta panel 1.2

Do how you these modules enabled? If not, that’s why.

Rip, apparently they got disabled at some point, as they used to work before. I’m a dummy, thank you very much! <3

As far as I know, hostHandler.js can be disabled automatically (when you start the bot, you can see the corresponding message in the console), if Twitch stopped accepting the oauth key properly, so you need to update it in botlogin.txt.

Closing this thread since the panel is no longer in beta and is built right into the bot.