PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.2

When I add a quote using the dashboard, it removes any double-quote characters for me (although I can add them back if I edit a quote.

Also, when I edit a quote, the date populates in a format that isn’t accepted - I have to manually re-enter the date in a proper format

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A fix will be applied in the next release. Not sure why I never tested with that format, it’s the one I use IRL.

If you want to update the file yourself:


line 276 with the regex match, update it to this.


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That fixed it, thanks!

I just found that I can’t save changes to the subscription alert rewards. The Save button is lit up, but clicking on it doesn’t do anything. (I can still change them in the regular panel, so it’s not a big deal!)

This has been resolved, scroll up in this post.

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My bad, thanks!

I have followed the steps listed in the blog, but the old panel keeps coming up, Windows 10 Home edition.

The new panel does not replace the old one, but is located at a different address :arrow_down_small:

This is what I see when I use that address, I hope I don’t have to get rid of the whole program restart from scratch.

If so I how do I backup my settings so that I don’t have to redo everything after another install from scracth. Would I need to just drag the config file out and save it to my desktop?

Try with lower case beta-panel

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I just highlighted word beta in CAPS to make it noticeable. Didn’t think anyone would type CAPS in the address bar.

P.S. Tbh, I also didn’t think it might not work :smile: Sorry.

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Thanks that worked.

I can’t save any files in Localization, console error is:

PUT http://IP:25000/lang?webauth=auth string
(anonymous) @ VM1096:1
send @ jquery.min.js:4
ajax @ jquery.min.js:4
(anonymous) @ VM1131:129
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
q.handle @ jquery.min.js:3

Edit: Interestingly this is only happening in Chrome, Firefox is fine

This is an issue when using the nightly and the current beta panel, it will be fixed when re release another version of the beta panel.

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Can’t see tips entries in the history list (name or amount)
Can’t see who has hosted in the history list
Make a history over donations
Make a user level for VIP
Costum edit of the bot dashboard (what you want to be shown, placement, size)

Tips are donations. The Tipping service is listed, one screen for all different services now.
I see who hosted me in my History Hosts list. Test bot:

See first comment. Maybe you haven’t configured your bot properly, I see them in my test bot where I generate from StreamLabs as needed:

VIP is already in another ticket. I believe we added support for it to a Nightly Build, it is in my current build at least.
Already been asked.

Mabye i havent configured the bot properly, guess i have to see after the next stream i do. I use stable, so i guess i have to wait after they are finished with all the testing. Thank you so much for the answers

I use the stable build too (set up 8th Nov) and on 1.2 beta panel my donations and hosts show in my history pages so they definitely work

Hmm interesting. Thanks for the answer, need to check if i can fix this now

Phantombot won’t show past hosts or donations of when you weren’t using the bot, there’s no way to get that information. It will just show information from when you started using it.