PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.2


Hey! It's been a very long time since our last beta release for PhantomBot's new control panel. We've been working super hard over the last few months on finishing the panel and squishing as many bugs, and we are proud to say that the panel is now complete! Everything from the old panel has been added to this new one, and even more new cool features as well! This new panel will make your PhantomBot experience easier, quicker, and fun! We've added a ton of tooltips to help with confusion on certain things in order to keep the panel as user friendly as possible. This will most likely be the last beta release of the new panel. Once the new panel is released, the old (current) panel will no longer be supported, and will be moved from the bot completely as this new panel will be replacing it in the main build. This allows us to make sure that the panel is fully stable beforing forcing everyone that uses PhantomBot's latest build to switch to this new and awesome panel.

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Please report any bugs or issues with the beta-panel in this topic.

Few issues with recent release
Can't change subscriber alert settings

Updated the bot this evening and after some fumbling between the regular panel and the beta-panel got my notices running.

Was really interested in being able to edit the custom language scripts via the beta-panel, because my end goal is sticking this Pi that the bot is on out of the way and just accessing things through the control panel. I did some investigating and figured out how to edit those language files… but it automatically starts with stock phrases. I’ve already done a bit of custom work with my 8-ball, but none of those phrases show up when I want to edit. I’m guessing it doesn’t automatically pull from the custom files? Not sure if this is a bug, or maybe I’m missing something? I just don’t want to overwrite what I’ve already worked on (though I do I have backups! :smile:)

I’d search the forums, but this feature just showed up, so…

Things look great as far as I can tell. Looking forward to further digging under the hood!

Excellent work!!


If you load the file from the list, it should show your edits from the custom file if it exists and is in the correct custom folder path and has the same name as the default language file. If you just move the let’s say 8ball file to your custom language folder and didn’t put it lang/games like the default one, your edits will not show.

Basically, when you select a language file to be edited on the panel, the bot will read the file located in the “lang/english” folder and get all lang entries, afterwords it will look under the “lang/custom” folder for the custom file (this is why both the path for the English and custom folder have to be the same within the folder) or it won’t find it, once it finds it, it will replace all default entries with your custom ones, the default ones with stay if they are not found in your custom file.
So let’s say you edit the games-8ball.js language file, the file is located under ./scripts/lang/english/games, the bot will look for your custom folder with the same path, but not in the English folder, it will look like this ./scripts/lang/custom/games.

Hope this makes a bit of sense.

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Here is an updated games list (for auto complete for game selection) with new so-called games instead of the abolished «IRL» and «Creative»:
«Always On», «Art», «ASMR», «Beauty & Body Art», «Food & Drink», «Just Chatting», «Makers & Crafting», «Music & Performing Arts», «Science & Technology», «Special Events», «Sports & Fitness», «Talk Shows & Podcasts», and «Travel & Outdoors».

Unzip first, then replace existing file in ./beta-panel/js/utils/ (467.9 KB) (the file has been edited in compliance with the alphabetical order)


e.followToggle for Host Alerts in discordAlerts.js should be e.hostToggle

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I will update the script that I have to pull all of the data from GiantBomb that hard-coded in Twitch’s specific items as well.


Malfunction of <input> field for Minimum Bets in auction.html due to tripple quote marks: min="1"".

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PhantomBot Version: 2.42
OS Version:Windows 10
Java Version: 8 181
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Chrome
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core) YES

Let us know what help you need:

I can’t save subscription alert settings in the beta panel. Other alert settings do save properly. Also, everything saves properly in the regular panel.


I can confirm this Bug. Saving is not posible


Get this Error after pressing “save”

Uncaught ReferenceError: massGiftSubMessage is not defined
at HTMLButtonElement. (:251:136)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js:2)
at HTMLButtonElement.y.handle (jquery.min.js:2)
(anonymous) @ VM74:251
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:2
y.handle @ jquery.min.js:2


It’s all because of the confusion between everything that contains GifSub and GiftSub in ./beta-panel/js/pages/alerts/alerts.js.

Last two arguments on line 251 should be
massGifSubMsg.val() and massGifSubReward.val() instead of
massGiftSubMessage.val() and massGiftSubReward.val()

Here is fixed alerts.js (66.1 KB)

Can't change subscriber alert settings

Please post beta panel bugs under the beta panel topic.

I’ll look into this.


Chat is white with light grey font in darkmode since today.
Yesterday everything was fine if I remember correctly.

Tried different browsers (Chrme, FF and edge) all the same.
Cleared browsercache … same result.
Reinstalled the panel, no result.


This is on twitch, we don’t style the chat. We’ll have to wait for a fix from them.


that would be twitch itself phantombot does not change any of the design of the twitch chat check to make sure u have darkmode enable on the settings for twitch i use FFZ and dont see this issue


Ah ok
My twitch settings are on darkmode.

Then let’s wait.

Thx for the information.


So there aren’t any breaking changes on the new panel or?


Beta does mean it isn’t complete and could have bugs. So, by definition… there might be? Our Patreons get early access and are able to help identify issues which has been helpful. That said, a shout out to the ones that have been testing the Beta Panel and providing feedback, especially the Patreons that have been a huge help.


So there a bug within localization settings, i can’t save files if change line to cyrillic symbols (russian)
Saving with english only - works perfect.