PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.1


Two months ago, we released an early beta of our new control panel. Since then, we've been working extremely hard on adding everything from the current panel to the new one. Guess what! We're almost done (with the Twitch, Discord is later, don't worry!) The only thing we have yet to include in the new control panel is the raffle system. The reason why this isn't included as of right now is because a majority of users want more features with the raffle system. Currently, these changes aren't possible because of the way the raffle system is originally deigned. To add to this, the raffle systems were designed to work with the current (old) panel, and it is very hard to implement the raffle system into the new control panel because of it. We hope you understand, but don't worry, it'll be out soon enough! Please note that this version of the beta panel only works with version 2.4.1 of PhantomBot.

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Introducing The NEW PhantomBot Control Panel
"Guess the Number" Custom Module Request (Paid)
"Guess the Number" Custom Module Request (Paid)

I have added the file as per the first versions instructions but can’t get my beta panel to work.

I’ve checked what I’ve done against the original version and there is definitely no difference. Am I being a muppet?


Hey there,

can you open the beta-panel folder located in PhantomBot’s web folder and show me what’s inside?



Hiya! I just upgraded to the new beta panel, and it looks great.
However, I wanted to know if there was anything in the works to allow us to rearrange the items displayed on the dashboard. The things I want to keep track of most (like chat, which I can’t see all of without scrolling) are in very inconvenient places on the dashboard, and there are some things (like the follower count and all time view count) that I don’t care about at all and don’t need displayed front and center.
I only have two monitors, one for the game and one for everything else. There’s currently nowhere I can put the Xsplit window where it’s not covering up something I need to see.


The ability to move the panels around is planned for the future, but as of right now the main priority is implementing everything from the current panel into the new one.


In Tips History


Hey Wedas,

Could you send me your database via a private message on the forum? If you click my name there should be an option to do so.



Thanks @ScaniaTV

I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Unlike the previous version, there is no beta-panel folder.


The beta panel does not come with the current version of PhantomBot. As of right now, you have to download it separately.

Learn more here: PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.1

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Thank you so much. Have no idea how I managed to miss that.
Am on the case now.

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Seems to be working fine here, which browser are you using?


Unsupported. I’ll try the supported browser later.


You’ re right, the dates in tips table in Chrome are ok.

I also found an alternative way to access Settings in Chrome for iOS and Safari for Mac. But this thing works properly in desktop Chrome for Windows.

It’s a pity that the 2nd most popular browser in the world (Safari with 14% for all platforms, StatCounter) doesn’t have your support.


The current panel doesn’t have a list of supported browsers yet, I personally try to support as many that I can. Just to confirm, this is only an issue with tippeeestream, correct?

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I just want to make a quick note that we can only support browsers that all of the staff have access to. That means that safari, which is currently only supported on iPhone & OSX, is out of the picture. Windows support was dropped years ago.


Yes, TipeeeStream is the only tip service which have this problem in “unsupported” browsers.


I have a Mac with Safari, I never use it. It has a few issues with the development platforms that I use such as AWS and Workday. Unfortunately, because of that, I do not test anything for PhantomBot with it either. I only use Chrome.

Also, interestingly, on statcounter, if you change the browser type to desktop, Safari is 5.5% while Chrome is way up there with 66%:

It seems the mobile/tablet markets are what inflate the usage. On Tablet it is 60% (iPad popularity) and on mobile it is 17.6% (iPhone).



That is why I said «for all platforms». I did it consciously. Some people, out of old habit, perceive mobile devices as something not serious. But those days are over.
And one more thing: here are the statistics for desktop browsers on your bot’s main market (US) where IE, Firefox and Safari are almost equal.


Sorry for offtopic. Fell free to delete or move it to another thread.


As the product is open source, you are free to make modifications and provide support in the forums for the other browsers, which we would greatly appreciate the help on. As you have probably seen, other folks have been happy to provide patches, language ports, custom scripts, and other neat features to PhantomBot and provide support for those in the forums.

At this time with our resources we choose to provide support for one browser. Also, as Collussus indicated, not all of the core development team has access to the Safari browser. Thanks for your input and passion on this subject.