PhantomBot's Message Limit


As of version 2.4.0, PhantomBot will no longer delay messages by 1.6 seconds to avoid hitting Twitch’s limit of 20 messages in 30 seconds, once the limit is reached, it will simply stop sending messages until the 30 seconds has passed. Timeouts will continue to be sent until the 100 messages in 30 seconds limit is reached.

You may know that Twitch moderators can send up to 100 messages in 30 seconds, but since it’s hard to trust a caster to keep his or her bot modded, we limit PhantomBot at 20 messages in 30 seconds. If you’re sure that you will never unmod your bot, you can simply change the msglimit30= in your botlogin.txt to msglimit30=100. The botlogin.txt file is located in your config folder. Be sure to only change this value when the bot is off.