PhantomBot v2.4.0 Release Notes


PhantomBot 2.4.0 Release Notes:

Hey there! Firstly, I’d like to begin with a thank you. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for contributing, thank you for sharing, thank you for making PhantomBot what it is today. We recently surpassed one hundred thousand downloads, and to us, that’s incredible. To add to that, we recently just passed the two year anniversary of PhantomBot v2.0. To celebrate, we’re announcing an official partnership with Design By Humans, and we plan on opening a PhantomBot Merchandise shop later this week! We’ve also decided to release @IllusionaryOne’s “Data Rendering Service” to the public. With the Data Rendering Service, you’re able to have a dedicated website to show your current commands, points, quotes, times, and ranks! We hope you enjoy!

As for the release; we know it’s been awhile, but we’ve been really squashing bugs! We’ve also added a lot of features which the community has requested as well, you can see the details below. As always if you have anything to suggest to us, make a post on our forum! We hope you enjoy this release, and as always please remember to report bugs on our community forum!

As a reminder, PhantomBot is free and will stay free. We strongly believe in open source principles and providing a service to the community. However, we do accept donations to help out with the costs of providing servers and other infrastructure. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter, signing up to to our newsletter, as well as joining our Discord server for more news and updates regarding PhantomBot!


  • New YouTube player panel.
  • Added ability to import points and time from AnkhBot.
  • Game Scan. This allows you to type !gamescan [game] into your chat and it’ll output when you played that game last on stream.
  • Added the (uptime) argument to the automatic Twitter game change Tweet.
  • Added support for subscription gifting.
  • Added ability to customize names for Twitch subscription tiers (plans) via !namesubplan. Also may configure via the Control Panel. Replaces the previous 1000, 2000, 3000 values that were displayed via (plan) tag on subscription notices.
  • Keywords will now support regex and normal strings of characters.
  • Added ability to edit keywords.
  • Added !resetcom as a command to reset the (count) tag on commands that use it.
  • Added a message for when the adventure is no longer on cooldown. (Thanks @JustAlixe)
  • Version of Java and OS is in the Control Panel now.


  • The chat toggle on the control panel will now be saved in your browser’s local storage.
  • The !permit command will now remove any timeouts from the user if one was given from the bot and unban the user from your channel.
  • Huge optimization to the viewer list cache.
  • Switched back to unlimited message parsing threads which will fix bot delays for larger channels.
  • Removed the timeout delay for the !roulette command.
  • The bot will no longer delay messages, it will stop sending once the limit is hit.
  • Bot administrators can no longer run caster commands.
  • The commands list of the control panel will now be sorted.
  • The bot will now backup your database at startup and every 24 hours in the dbbackup folder by default.
  • The minimum global cooldown time is now 5 seconds for commands.
  • Changed the URL the bot posts data to for the “Data Rendering Service”, as well as reduced the cooldown from which the bot posts data from 120 minutes to 90 minutes. You can check that out here .
  • !followage will strip the @ sign from @username.


  • Fixed the offline notification message not working in Discord.
  • Fixed the “No Search Query” error from the YouTube player.
  • Fixed events being delayed by the viewer list cache.
  • Fixed not being able to mention roles in the Discord stream alerts.
  • Keywords Panel had issues with keywords with regular expressions. Changed key used from a modified version of the keyword to an index that maps to the raw keyword. There were just too many permutations to try to capture and modify as a key.
  • Fixed YouTube player current song not accepting special characters in titles.
  • Fixed hook call with the (alert) command variable.
  • Fixed issues with the !ytp blacklist command. (Thanks @HighHowDoIPlay)
  • Fixed the !setstream command in Discord.
  • Fixed StreamElements’ donation not working anymore. Please see this guide since it requires new information.
  • Fixed the ability to create an alias of an existing command.
  • Fixed bot commands and moderation filters being delayed when a lot of people were chatting.
  • Fixed not being able to close a bet without saying the winning option (Thank @JustAlixe)
  • Fixed the ability of bot admins being able to set people to the caster permission.
  • Fixed error when not giving arguments to the !penalty command.
  • Fixed JavaScript error in the offline message handler for Discord in certain conditions.
  • Fixed some Discord alerts not working.
  • Fixed not being able to delete blacklists and whitelist that had quotation marks in them.
  • Fixed Discord blacklist and whitelist not working.
  • Fixed errors with the tipeeeStream modules.


  • Keywords will no longer support a cost, if you need a cost, just have the keyword run a custom command with the prefix command: at the start of the keyword response.

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