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Hey there! We have some pretty exciting news with you to share today... We're releasing a new, much prettier, modern and user friendly control panel! You can learn more about that by clicking here. However, let's get into the details about the PhantomBot v2.4.0.3 release. Since v2.4.0.2, we've collected user feedback and bug reports and have made some tweaks/changes in order to keep PhantomBot stable and bug free! As always if you have anything to suggest to us, make a post on our forum! We hope you enjoy this release, and as always please remember to report bugs on our community forum!

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I set up a command with (useronly=) and it doesn’t show in the custom command list, though on the permissions page it’s listed as sub only and I’m unsure if that’s just how useronly commands show on there or not, I did change it to viewer which made it able to be triggered by anyone so I’ve probably broken it.
If I try to remove the command I get the reply “command !wood does not exist or is not registered.”
If I try to edit it the reply is “You cannot overwrite a default command.”
But I can still use the command to trigger it, which increases my belief I’ve broken it.

Useronly issue

That sounds like you tried to add a command thats a default one so thats why it wouldnt show in the custom command list but will in the Permissions


The command is !wood I’ve used it in the past and removed it, it responds how I set it up today it’s just not limited to a user and I can’t get rid of it again.


you have it like below right

(useronly=leo_chaos) this is a cool command for leo_chaos only

Also it might be better to make a thread for this and not have it here i think this is ment to be locked anyways

Useronly issue
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Yes, please open Support Requests in the proper place. Closing this Development Blog Post.

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