PhantomBot v2.3.9.1 Release Notes


PhantomBot Release Notes

In this version of PhantomBot, we’ve added a lot of community requested features, and have worked on fixing issues submitted by the community. As always if you have anything to suggest to us, make a post on our forum! We hope you enjoy this release, and as always please remember to report bugs on our community forum!

As a reminder, PhantomBot is free and will stay free. We strongly believe in open source principles and providing a service to the community. However, we do accept donations to help out with the costs of providing servers and other infrastructure. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter, signing up to to our newsletter, as well as joining our Discord server for more news and updates regarding PhantomBot!


  • Pre-Release Build flag added.
  • Show positions in YouTube Player.
  • Stealing songs from YouTube Player provides refunds to users, if so configured.
  • Discord moderation: !moderation togglecbenni (also in the Panel). Toggle if a CBenni link should be presented during a timeout operation in Discord if moderation logging is enabled.
  • !findsong [search string] command. Searches for songs based on the title from YouTube. Searches the song requests only if any exist and then searches the current playlist. Only goes to first match, does not “walk” the lists.
  • Clips Handler for Discord. Includes configuration from chat and Control Panel.
  • Added a notification for when you offline in Discord that includes stats.


  • Stacktrace files now are written to /logs/stacktraces like other log files for easier archival/cleanup.
  • Control Panel: Replaced fa-pencil with fa-hdd-o to hopefully clarify that it is a save step.
  • The bot now updates the viewer list with TMI every ten minutes and not every one minute. This fixes lag issues for larger channels.
  • The Twitter live thumbnail will now be 1080p.
  • Updated the live and game change notification for Discord to use embeds. Your old messages will be reset.


  • Fixed the Discord embed tag not working well with commas.
  • Fixed the Discord cleanup command throwing errors.
  • !jumptosong has been fixed. It now reads from the “read-only” playlist object when wanting to jump around a playlist. Note that the jump does not move the playlist pointer, it simply jumps to that song and back to where it was in the list afterwards.
  • Auto SQLite3 backups for Raspberry Pi.
  • Performance enhancements to command processing.
  • The timeout feature of !kill and !roulette has been fixed when PhantomBot is in /me mode.
  • Fixed embed tag in Discord not accepting new lines.

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