PhantomBot Update Script for Linux

So i made a little Update script for PhantomBot since i was not aware of the one from PairedPrototype.
Mine is way simpler though.

This is most likely for people who only have one Bot installed. You can change the path in the script though. There is now also a Version check implemented and also the Process will be autokilled if it is started.
If you encounter any problems or issues please give me Feedback.

Normally this should run on any Linux Installation which uses / has the commands

curl, cd, mv, rm, unzip, chmod, wget and cp

available so most likely all known to me.


Latest Release

Please note, this should be considered in an alpha state, likely has bugs and as always, may possibly destroy your bot.
Everyone should have a solid backup process, this script should be made no exception to that general rule.

I take no liability for any damages this may cause. By using the script, you accept full liability for any forthcoming result.

For the Admins/Mods please update the Update Documentation its missing the following line to make Java executable chmod u+x ./java-runtime-linux/bin/java


Just copy the Files over to the directory where your PhantomBot should be located. You might choose a different Location though but you have to configure the settings with the sample.cfg then

If you want to run more then one Bot rename the Sample.cfg and run the script by using ./ yourconfig.cfg


Inital Release

Initial Support for Autokill

Added Autokill for Systemctl

Added a Config File
Possible Releases to Update are Stable and PhantomBotDE
Working on Nightlies (Version Name is still giving me a Headache.)
Support for more then one installed Bot with different Ports.

Added better support for the nightlies. Now it should check the date part of the nightlies.
This will work as long as there are no two different releases with different main Builds

Example: 3.1.2-NB-13052020 / 3.1.3-NB-13052020

In this case it will most likely not work correctly. Im working on that.

Very nice! will try it some day!

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Looking forward to using this, however when i try and run nightly i get this:

As stated in the Version notes Nightlies are not stable yet due to the names of the Versions. Im working on that. Currently the latest script in the Github should be working better. I will update the release in the first post too.

I realized i am an idiot and running it inside of the phantombot folder lol…moved it out of it and working perfectly so far.

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If you encounter any other issues let me know.

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