PhantomBot Control Panel



The PhantomBot Control Panel aims to ease the administration and configuration of PhantomBot for users. It is meant to be used as a single-user panel, only providing one login and has been optimized for a single-user experience.

Software Requirements

The Control Panel has been tested under Google Chrome. While the Panel should operate under other web browsers, it is only formally supported in Google Chrome.

Firewall Configuration

If PhantomBot is being hosted on a remote server and not locally, there is a good possibility that firewalls will need to be opened on the remote server. Assuming that the default ports are used in PhantomBot, the following ports must be opened:

TCP Port	  Purpose
25000         Used by the PhantomBot Web Server
25003         Used by the PhantomBot YouTubeSocketServer for the YouTube Player
25004         Used by the PhantomBot WebSocketServer for the Control Panel

Please consult the documentation for your operating system for directions on how to open firewalls. Note that some service providers also provide a firewall in front of a server and there may need to be adjustments made there as well.

Login Accounts

By default, the following accounts are created, however, you are prompted during the configuration of PhantomBot to provide new values. Use those if you changed the default values.

Username: panel
Password: panel

The YouTube Player uses the same credentials.

If you forget your credentials, please review botlogin.txt and look for the values assigned to paneluser and panelpassword.

Connecting to the Control Panel

Connect to the URL from which PhantomBot is hosted, for most users this will be localhost. If PhantomBot is hosted on a remote server, use the IP address or hostname of that server. Assuming the default port is being used, the following URL is used to connect locally, replace localhost with the remote IP or hostname if applicable:


You will be prompted for the credentials mentioned in the Login Accounts section.

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