Phantombot clean install


i cannot launch it via terminal anymore

I tried to do a fresh install and deleted main folder…I cannot configure any more.

Help please.

this is for the steady build…


After the clean install did you remember to follow the step to chmod +x ? If you haven’t double check:

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I actually am right clicking the file and opening it with Terminal and nothing happens. My terminal opens but nothing is executing within terminal. Before I deleted the folder i was atleast able to run it in terminal, not anymore.


Read the directions in the Setup Guide above, you have to take steps for that to work in macOS.

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Yes Ive started from scratch again but i cant seem to get it to work again…I even switch computers and run it…I CANT RUN THE SCRIPT


How do I do a complete new install…is there an uninstall walkthrough. I cant even get to the screen where i set up my auth anymore…Its just DEAD


Follow the instructions in the Setup Guide I posted above. Uninstall is easy, just delete the entire folder.

If you have issues, please take screenshots (shift+fn+command+4) of each step as you are running it along with the output so we can see where things are breaking.

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