PhantomBot Beta Panel not Loading

Dear Support Team,

recently I created a small Linux (Ubuntu Desktop) machine in my Local Network. I installed PhantomBot via the given Linux Commands. Everything works just fine, I can access the Beta-Panel at the Server Machine and everything works fine. When I try to access it at the Remote Machine however it prompts me to enter my Login Credentials and when entered correct proceeds, however then it appears to be stuck in the Loading Animation.
At first I thought that it has to be a networking Issue, but I am unsure because the Classic Panel still works fine and I have no Problem accessing it from my Remote Machine.

Every help will be appreciated a lot.

I excuse for any made mistake, given my native Language is German.

Thanks in Advance for the help,

Juri / playunits

try it in a google incognito window. See if it works, have had it not load weirdly once and i did that and it worked.
Make sure the permission is right. It should be as it works on server side but:

cd where the bot is

sudo chown -R botuser:botuser ./web/beta-panel

edit botuser to what you need it to.

P.S this is just ideas and may not help at all.

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