!permit command not working


PhantomBot Version (Version and Build Revision from startup): https://gyazo.com/e5eb752a4a34a67eb2ebc8de16537226
OS and Java Version from Startup:
Stock PhantomBot: Yes
Any Recent Changes to Your System: No

Description of Issue:
[10-11-2017 @ 01:03:17.647 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:308] (hook.call, initReady, ./core/chatModerator.js) TypeError: Cannot read property “isRegex” from null

!permit command doesn’t work.

When trying to dumplogs:

[10-11-2017 @ 01:07:23.371 GMT] [CONSOLE] Executing dumplogs
[10-11-2017 @ 01:07:23.374 GMT] Generating latest error logs…
[10-11-2017 @ 01:07:23.444 GMT] Log file “[email protected]” was created in the main bot folder.
[10-11-2017 @ 01:07:23.446 GMT] [ERROR] [writeToFile()@GenerateLogs.java:128] Failed to write log file: [[email protected]] [IOException] [email protected] (Permission denied)


I’ve restarted the bot as a first step, no difference.



the dumplog error means the bot doesn’t have permission to create a new file, you can use the chown command to set proper permissions for the bot to be able to generate files. As for the !permit command, it is working fine for me, seeing that you’re having permission errors, I have a feeling that your database might be corrupted or might’ve not updated correctly. Now this seems to be an issue with the moderation blacklist phrases, try deleting all of your blacklist phrases and see if that helps.


As I’m deleting blacklist phrases from the panel, I’m getting these errors:

[10-11-2017 @ 01:29:13.330 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:300] (hook.call, command, ./core/panelCommands.js) TypeError: Cannot read property “isRegex” from null
[10-11-2017 @ 01:29:18.662 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:300] (hook.call, command, ./core/panelCommands.js) TypeError: Cannot read property “isRegex” from null
Error while reading from remote connection: org.java_websocket.exceptions.WebsocketNotConnectedException
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.send(WebSocketImpl.java:656)
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.sendFrame(WebSocketImpl.java:673)
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.close(WebSocketImpl.java:493)
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.decodeFrames(WebSocketImpl.java:390)
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.decode(WebSocketImpl.java:201)
at org.java_websocket.server.WebSocketServer$WebSocketWorker.run(WebSocketServer.java:806)

I get the panelCommands error each time I try to delete one specific blacklist. It won’t let me edit or delete it from the panel. And I’m not sure how I can delete it from the chat interface because it’s a long regex bit and I can’t see all of it.


You’ll have to delete the table from the database, use the !debug !dev !dbtabledel blackList (Capital L for blackList) in the bot console, then type exit and the bot will shutdown. Once rebooted, it should be fine.


Works, thanks!

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