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I just stumbled upon PBStreamDeck by @IllusionaryOne and was very excited. I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time.
PBStreamDeck Github

I set everything up according to the readme, but sadly I couldn’t get it to work. I always get the following error message:

Properties file does not exist: runmods/streamdeck.properties.txt

I edited the properties file using the “Edit Properties File” shortcut in the start menu. I also used social=!social in the command key section for a test, that resulted in the same error message, just with …social/streamdeck.properties.txt. I also copied the properties to the PBStreamDeck folder to see if that works, but it didn’t. I reinstalled the program to a different location (C:\PBStreamDeck to avoid blank spaces in the path), same error.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Edit: Putting the start parameter in quotes (“C:\PBStreamDeck\PBStreamDeck.exe runmods”) gets rid of the first error, but then it says: That key does not seem to exist in the properties file: C:\PBStreamDeck\PBStreamDeck.exe runmods
even though this key is in the file.

PhantomBot Version: 2.4.2 (latest stable)
OS Version: Windows 10
Java Version: 1.8.0_191
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Could I see your keys? This is how mine is setup and running a test from the command line, I am on my development laptop and don’t want to hookup a Stream Deck to it right now.

# Commands to run or things to say in chat.  The key is the command
# line option to pass in to execute the command/chat text.
sayhello=Hello there!

This is how I run it from Stream Deck - you can see the actual configuration value in the tool-tip box.



Thank you so much for the screenshots, that really helped me. I’ve got it now. My mistake was that I set the full path plus the key as start parameter instead of just the key. I got confused by the way it was explained in the readme, I thought the parameter is the whole thing again, but you meant that just as an example for the full line:

In StreamDeck, add a new System > Open button.  In App / File use the three-dots
button to point to the executable in the folder you installed it into during
the setup process.  By default this will be:

C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\PBStreamDeck\PBStreamDeck.exe

In StreamDeck put a parameter to the executable that indicates the command/chat
key that you want to execute.  Using the runmods example:
C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\PBStreamDeck\PBStreamDeck.exe runmods

Awesome tool!

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