Others going live notification


Wondering how hard it would be to build a thing that will post in a channel on discord when friends go live? I want to help fellow streamers by post a went live notification in my discord. Just thought this would be a cool way to give back to my community.


There is a module built in for this. Use !promoteadm in Discord for the usage of this. You will need to be an administrator for it to work. There’s not currently anything in the panel for this, it’s all done through commands. You might need to double-check that the ./discord/systems/promoteSystem.js module is enabled if it isn’t already.

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ok i kinda get it but how does the string work? !promoteadm add ???
say the link is Twitch
the channel i want it to post in is fellow_streamers
so itll be !promoteadm add Twitch ???
this is what i get… but what is what? like l so l ???
!promoteadm add | delete | so | channel | streamchannel | revoke | allow | toggleselfmanage | togglestats | togglebanner | list | setinterval


Add is the name of the channel, so you type the name of the channel you want to promote.

streamchannel is the channel it posts to.

So, for example: !promoteadm add twitchpresents [random bio text] would announce the TwitchPresents streams when they go live, putting the announcement in whichever channel you specified with !promoteadm streamchannel.

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thank you so much for the help


No worries. :slight_smile: