One Botuser for multiple phantombots?


is it possible to use one Twitch botuseraccount on different phantombot installations?
Or do i need for each Phantombot a extra Twitch bot account?

You can do this, just keep in mind that Twitch has rate limits on how many messages a user can send, this is per account, not connection or IP.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this since there’s no way to really limit the bot from hitting the limit across multiple instances. Phantombot does inforce the limit for each instances so you cannot go over the limit with one user used on a single instance.

If you apply for a message limit increase (located on the twitch docs) you could split it up so each phantombot instance can only send X many messages in 30 seconds, you can do this with the msglimit30= parameter in the bot login file. But the default user account limit is 20 messages in 30 seconds, if you go over your IP and bot account get global banned for a period of time, which can be for 30 minutes.

Adding onto this, if you apply for bot verification and have a “good reason”, then you can be up at 7500 messages per 30 seconds; maybe set the limit at 50 messages per 30 seconds per channel - meaning that the bot could be in 150 channels at once. This doesn’t count whispers though, because you could set some commands to be whisper response.

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