OBS Custom Browser Docks

Hi everyone, 1 year user of PhantomBot. I’m a full time Twitch streamer and since OBS 24 version they added custom browser docks. So OBS can load up web pages so you can have all what you need when streaming in a single screen.

I tried adding PhantomBot but unfortunately I get a white page which is pretty strange. I suspect that the login is the issue.

Have anyone successfully added the bot as a custom browser dock? Or could someone help me get this working? Maybe auto logging?

In the best of both worlds we could have the link of the modules and have them show as a custom dock. For example Commands, Polls, Giveaways, etc. where each would be a custom dock quickly accessible within OBS when streaming.

Hope this will come to light in 2020, as a full time streamer this would be a game changer!

Thanks to anyone involved in the development of this bot.

If it’s really the authentication thats blocking u from using it then u could try to use the standard for basic authentication within the url.

http://USERNAME:[email protected]

Hope that helps.

I was about to try this and yes it works beautifully! http://prntscr.com/qk207g

Now would it be possible to load the CSS on a direct page?

For example

http://admin:[email protected]:25000/panel\pages\giveaways\raffle.html

loads succesfully but without style which makes it hard to work with http://prntscr.com/qk22bf

Thanks a lot, I feel I’m almost there :smile: