OBS Browser Source for Gif Alerts and Sound FX


This guide will show you how to setup PhantomBot’s alerts page as a browser source in OBS, which was added in PhantomBot v2.4.1.

Getting started:

Make sure that you have PhantomBot running on your local machine, or on a server. if you have PhantomBot on a server, be sure that you have ports 25000-25004 opened. Also, be sure to have OBS opened.

Setting it up:

Now that you have OBS and PhantomBot running, if you are hosting PhantomBot on your local machine, the alerts page will be located at http://localhost:25000/alerts, if you have PhantomBot running on a remote server, it will be at the following http://your_server_address:25000/alerts.

The alerts page has a few settings that can be changed by passing the option in the URL with a query search. Here’s an example http://localhost:25000/alerts?option=value. You can also pass multiple query searches like this http://localhost:25000/alerts?option1=value1&option2=value2

The alerts page currently has three options available, more might come in the future. Here are the options:

  • audio-hook-volume - This sets the volume for all audio hooks. (Default value is 1)
  • allow-audio-hooks - This allows audio hooks to come through this page. (Default value is false)
  • allow-alerts - This allows gif alerts to come through this page. (Default value is true)
  • gif-default-volume - This is the default volume for gif without one. (Default value is 0.8)

Once you have your settings set your liking in the URL, it can look like this example http://localhost:25000/alerts?audio-hook-volume=0.5&allow-audio-hooks=true

Now in OBS you can create a new browser source by clicking the + button bellow the sources list. You will want to create a new “Browser”. You will see a page like this once created.

Once you see the page above, you can update the current URL to the one with your settings that you did above. After that you can click the “Ok” button. That’s it! Your alerts should now come through your OBS browser source.

See this guide for more help: https://community.phantombot.tv/t/how-to-setup-gif-alerts

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