[Non Issue] Discord_token breaking the apioauth


PhantomBot Version (Version and Build Revision from startup): PhantomBot Version: (Revision: 88d3b53c)
OS and Java Version from Startup: 1.8.0_151
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Firefox
Stock PhantomBot: Yes
Any Recent Changes to Your System: Yes only re did my aouth 17 times before redoing all of the botlogin file

Description of Issue:

The discord_token= in the botlogin.txt is triggering this error

[11-30-2017 @ 17:40:36.213 GMT] [ERROR] [streamInfo.js:396] Failed to change the game. Make sure you have your api oauth code set. https://phantombot.tv/oauth
[11-30-2017 @ 17:40:36.220 GMT] [ERROR] [streamInfo.js:397] UnsupportedCharsetException gzip```

Sounds like you ruined the encoding on the file, resulting in line breaks not being in the appropriate place.

Have you tried generating a new botlogin.txt file and copying your information over?


yes thats how i have found that it was discord_token= thats causing it to error out i remove thast and it works fine


For verification purposes (copied out of Discord), the NB-20171130 build
connects and authorizes fine for me.

Edit: Generated new file with the nightly build, manually copied over values and everything works properly.

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