No way to end song requests from control panel

There used to be a way in the control panel to disable song requests that would result in a message being sent to chat indicating that song requests have been disabled. Right now there does not appear to be one.

Closing the YouTuble player window disables requests, but no message is sent out, so viewers don’t know until they try and make requests.

This is also a problem for me because I have my overlay setup to show the current playing song from Spotify (using data) and when song requests enable I have that logic switch over to reading the current song info from the bot. But since there is no message when song requests are naturally disabled (closing player, etc) my overlay has no event to detect, so it can’t switch back to showing data. It used to work great back when the bot announced the status change. Guessing the new panel just missed that.

This support ticket is not complete.

What else is needed? Thought it explained the situation pretty clearly.

Bot used to announce when song requests stop.
Bot no-longer announces when song requests stop.

The control panel used to have a button to end song requests, which would be a manual way to address the issue until the bot is update to once again announce automatically, but that button is no-longer there.

This info below is requested in all support tickets.It’s auto there.

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