New to Phantombot... really lost :(


Hi there! First of all, I’m new here and I’m very, very confused. I can’t figure out how to do even the most simple things in Phantombot. For example, I want to add a command so that my followers can give their channel currency to others if they wish. In the Chat Commands page, I found a command called !gift. Great! But I have absolutely no clue how to add it to my channel. How do you set it up?

I’ve tried looking at the documentation but it’s so confusing. I can’t find anything. Where do I go to find basic setup information? Or tutorials/help on literally anything in this program…?


Not sure what OS you’re on (as you didn’t provide it) but here’s the setup guides:

All the commands you see on this page:

Are built into the bot by default, meaning you don’t have to add it. However, some modules are disabled by default and you have to enable them.

Most everything else can be accessed via commands or your control panel (Which the setup guide talks about)


Hi, yea, sorry I should have specified. I’m on Windows 10 and I’ve already installed Phantombot. But I’m stuck on all the stuff within the dashboard. How do I set up a give command so that someone can gift points to a specific person? It’s helpful to know the commands are built in. This program is so confusing :confused:


So, for example, I’m on the Control Panel under Commands. I added a command called !gift. No matter what I type, the bot just says the response instead of doing anything. I want it to say something along the lines of “ArtsyAxolol gave UsernamesSuck 10 points.”, but I can’t get it to do that. Nor can I even get it to give said points. I don’t have any idea how this built in command works…


The gift command is built into the bot. If you added one, you need to delete it from the custom commands and then restart your bot.

I believe it has moderator or admin permissions by default (So not everyone can use it).

To check, click the “Commands” tab in your panel, and then click the “Permissions” accordion, and then look for the gift command in the table.

This is the normal response:



Ok yea that’s what I want it to do. But I don’t see “gift” at all under the permissions accordion. I see “points give”? What’s the chat command to give someone points?


Did you first delete the custom command you made and then restart your bot?


Yes, but it didn’t show up right away. Did it again and now it’s back. But how do you define who’s getting the gift and how much?


wait ok I think I figured it out. God I’ve never felt this stupid using a computer. This program makes me feel like a child. I imagine this is how my grandma feels when we try to teach her to use computers.

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ok so other question… When you do a points raffle, can you allow someone to enter more than once? or is it one entry per person no matter what?


The options on the raffle screen tell you that you can limit entries or not.


Is that the “regular luck” and “subscriber luck” sliders? (also thank you for helping me ;u;)


No those define the luck for those two roles…

You have to use a ticket raffle if you want a limit on entries.


Oh. ok, yea ticket raffles is what I want then.

Ugh, thank you for helping me with these~ I’m still a little confused and I wish there was a section somewhere with this information laid out nicely but it’s nice that the forum is at least kind to noobs like me >.< but at least I got the main two things out of the way. Thank you <3


Can you change the text that displays when the bot announces the raffle is starting, or when it announces the winner?


Yeah here’s a guide:


hoo boy. This is not a user friendly program is it. Ok, thank you~

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