New level permission

Hello! I want to add a new level of permissions " (Caster, Adm, Subs, Regulars etc…) to make more restrictions on chat commands for only twitch (not discord).

I have added a new level in these files:


but it still doesn’t work. I’m trying to set a new level of access to the custom command in webpanel, but command is still available to the viewers

Did I change all the files or is there more? Maybe me need to change something in the database?

Would need to see the code.

I found my problem. Old level perm. have ID 0-7 (userGroups). I add new level perm “test” and set it ID - 8, but new chat users start with permission level 7.

Help me find where in the file /core/permissions.js to change the level of the new user 8

sorry, my english “is very google translate” :slight_smile:

Excuse for troubling. Problem solved.