Needing someone to support me with bot setup on discord

Forums are my kryptonite when it comes to software support due to my extreme anxiety. Chatrooms are 1000 times better for this for me and this place does not have a discord server.

Please contact me on Discord @ 111112oo#3931 if you want to help out.

I am looking for help in the areas of:
-re setting up twitch logins
-fixing songrequest

this post was very hard to make.

You should have spent a few more seconds on the main page because at the bottom of it you can find a discord server link. So please have another look here: or directly join the server with this link: (link from the main page).

It says to ask for support on the forums. They don’t allow support in there.

Thats true as most stuff can get sorted out by just having a look through the forum. I was merely giving a hint on the discord server.

If you can shortly describe what you are struggling with (what you would have to do on discord too) I guess there might someone be able to help you with or point you in the right direction.

From what u wrote u have a problem with the twitch login but not saying what problem u have. Did u looked into the log output and might have an error message to help with that?

Same goes for ur songrequest problem. Dont exactly know what u are struggling with other than u want to fix it.