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i made a playlist on youtube of music, i copied the link to that playlist and pasted it in the load playlist box on the panel and click load. no music at all is playing now not even the original playlist. how can i create a custom youtube playlist for the panel.


That is not how the import of playlists works. You have to build a playlist in a text file or use a third-party tool to extract the list of YouTube IDs/URLs from an existing YouTube Playlist. Once that data is in a file, that file is what is loaded.

Read the Playlists portion for more details:

The reason we do not have an automated means for importing the playlist from YouTube is that it hits the YouTube API pretty hard and can exhaust the quote that YouTube provides each day.

ScaniaTV did provide this way to create a playlist file to be imported from Windows (does not work on macOS or Linux):


Tried that tool but im very lost. Used it and made an Andrei.txt file, copied it to addons/youtube player and restarted the bot. From the panel audio section I can start to type Andrei and it gives me the option to select it and then click load. After i launch the youtube player tho it does nothing. i checked the panel and this is whats happening when i try to load a playlist.


You need to import the playlist before you can load it.

!playlist importpl file Andrei Andrei.txt

^Assuming you want the playlist named Andrei and the file is named Andrei.txt, this command will load the text file into a playlist for you.

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you the real MVP bro. thanks


The Control Panel loads an existing playlist, it doesn’t import it. Please follow the directions I provided above on importing a playlist from chat.

EDIT: Which is what UsernamesSuck mentioned :slight_smile:


If it continues to fail on the default playlist, then the default playlist may have been corrupted. It can be deleted and the bot should auto-generate it.


So what if i decide to add a few more songs to the playlist and add them to the existing Andrei.txt. would i just have to import it with a different names or how do i do this?


You can import it as a new playlist (give it a new name like Andrei1) or you could override your existing playlist by importing over it.

It’s really up to you what you do.

Just note that it will not read your text file until you run the !playlist importpl file command.

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