Need help to install phantom bot to MacBook




mv PhantomBot-2.4.2 Phantombot

NOOOOOO Space its a -




please read my replay above




what next


well done now follow steps 7 and onwards


okay got it set up how to I get to the page to set it up with wat I want it to do


Click me and ill open the panel


I trying to get it where I can open it with terminal each time but terminal does not show up


I try the local host but it wont let me in


well sorry but im not a mac user so i cant help you with that as i have no idea where terminal is on a mac… also did you ./ and all the text came up with the bot started before you go to localhost

EDIT: im not sure if this will work but maybe double click the to launch it


im clicking on the stuff but nothing happen either


to me this looks like you went into the web folder and clicked the index.html and not gone to http://localhost:25000/panel


thats what the link send me to when u sent the click me and I will open


may be a silly question but do you have discord so u can share screen and show me what ur doing so its easier to help you


I dont have a discord yet


and I can’t figure out how to turn off pop up blocker



Spotlight is easier in Mac. That is what I use normally to launch anything.

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