My viewers want to poke people and I'm dumb


Hi there,
I might be a little dumb but I was trying to make it so that my viewers could poke other viewers. I went looking through the commands because I thought that (user) would be what I needed, but that’s not seeming to work.

Command: !poke
User: !poke Tabunnie.
Forrmat: (touser) poked (user)
Bot: User poked Tabunnie!

However, that format didn’t work. My viewers have also asked for stuff like hugs and etc so I wanted to sort this out. But I either didn’t see what to use instead of (user) because I’m blind or there isn’t a thing for this? I’m hoping I’m just blind and terribly sorry for bugging you guys with is.

(Also hope this makes sense)

Thank you in advanced!


You’ll want to replace (user) with (sender), here’s an example.

!addcom !poke (sender) pokes (touser)
!poke Bot
Bot: ScaniaTV pokes Bot

Here are the bot’s command variables as well. Command Variables

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Thank you, I’ll do that!

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