Multiple Raid Messages (request / suggestion)

!raid message for subs and non subs! (or however someone wants to use 2 messages)

Hey guys new to Phantom bot!! streaming for about 4 years and full-time just over a year. I’ve done the ins and outs of A LOT of bots!

Phantom is the closest to perfect for what I have been looking for, for years!

I use night bot usually in conjunction with other bots just to add an extra feature if I need it.

I was just wanting to suggest 2 Raid message setting! or multiple! Sometimes when raiding it looks AWESOME for everyone to use the EXACT same message but it also looks AWESOME when you have 2 messages.

A lot of the time when you use your own emotes in a raid message not everyone is a SUB so cannot use the emote. So have the raid message Alternate 2 messages, 1 for subs and one for non subs or however someone wanted to use it.

Thanks guys for listening and thanks for this wicked bot! FistBump