Multiple bot instances on one vps (linux)


Hello there fellows,
I’d like to know how it’s done to use multiple bot instances on one Ubuntu (16.04) server.
I use for both bots the same user and just different folders but do I have to set up the “phantom.service”?
Following your setup-guide (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Setup Guide) is unhelpfully (furthermore, your discussion forum is kind of borken). Nevertheless, if someone might help me that’ll be great!



Setting up PhantomBot as a service isn’t required, however it makes starting/stopping PhantomBot much easier. If you want to run more than one instance of PhantomBot, all you have to do is edit the port number to a different port in the botlogin.txt file. The default is 25000, so what you could do for your second instance is change the port to 35000. Once this is done, you can access the bot’s panel from http://localhost:35000 or whatever your server IP is (in replace of localhost).

Hope this helps!


Helps a lot but how am I supposed to start both instances via SSH?
I use ./ … I can’t tap out so I reconnect andlauch the other one but then the other one is stopped.


You’d need to use a program like Screen to setup multiple instances, which will keep the bot running even after you close the terminal window.


I’ll try it out! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Setting up as a service also allows the daemon to automatically start the PhantomBot instance during a system reboot or if one of the instances crashes. There are definitely advantages of setting up PhantomBot as a service, but, it does require taking some time to walk through Linux commands and having a very basic understanding of the shell script interface.

Please let us know what parts of that guide are unhelpful. Most of our feedback on that guide has been positive and a lot of folks run PhantomBot as a service but we are always looking for ways to improve the documentation.

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