Multi-commands in alias only works for high-privileged users

command alias: !hype / !x_hype;x_hype;x_hype;x_hype;x_hype;
command custom: !x_hype / fizzelHYPE fizzelLOVE fizzelHYPE (… etc.)

Using !hype will trigger 5 rows of ‘hype’ as moderator, caster, or admin.
Using the same command as ‘viewers’ (user level is viewers) will only trigger the first command ones now, even if cooldown is 0. Moderators can still trigger 5 rows.

Using ‘!cooldown togglemoderators’ will have the same effect on moderators now, only being able to trigger one row of hype.

(Bot: NB-20200331 / Windows 7, x64)

A 5 second cooldown is forced for all commands, there was an issue where this could be overcome in previous builds which has been fixed in 3.1.0.

I’m not sure what you mean. It still not work in latest NB-20200415, so what i’m trying to do will never work for other than high-privileged users?


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