Module Request - emote count

I have a module request for anyone that’s smarter than me. Emote count. Counts emote use into a database, when using !ecount it shows you how many times the emote has been used in chat. Connects to bttv and ffz api to add those also.

Just use !wordcounter add and !count, where the emote code is the counted thing.

You can then use !aliascom ecount count Kappa to get the single command. It won’t count all emotes, but it will let you count one specific.

This is a potential workaround, however would require me adding every single twitch emote and adding/removing bttv/ffz emotes when added/removed.

If you just want to pick up any emote usage, I would look into the moderation module. There’s the option there to filter emote-only messages. Take a look at how that identifies emotes and see if that can help?

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