Migration to Discourse from NodeBB for the Community Forums


We recently had to make a bittersweet decision that we are hopeful will pay off for the community as a whole in the long run. As you may have noticed, the community forum that we were using, powered by NodeBB, was experiencing some challenges. We tried to debug and isolate what was causing the error 503 messages from coming up, but had no success and were not able to reach a fix or resolution. As we know that all of you are dependent on the community forums, we know that it is not an option to have these challenges in using the forums.

In order to move forward, we are implementing Discourse as our new community forum software. This will provide a more robust and stable solution to better support our community. The downside to this is that there is not a conversion tool to take the data from NodeBB and move it into Discourse. We have, however, moved some articles and have even included some of the documentation from our wiki to provide a better ‘one stop shopping’ experience.

The previous forums will be available for approximately a month at https://archive.phantombot.tv/. We plan to still help the best we can over there, however we highly recommend everyone migrates their active posts from that forum to this one.

We look forward to having folks migrate over to the new forum software and utilize it. Thank you for your patience and support as we make this migration.

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