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Hello, me being a n00b again. When I use the !shoutout command or my own !so version;
[We have a celebrity in the stream! Check out (touser) and show some love by smashing the follow button at www.twitch.tv/(touser)]

both have the inconvenience that if you @mention the streamer you want to shout out the twitch link won’t work. Is anyone aware of a fix / workaround? Or could this be done in the next version of the bot? Much easier for a mod to @mention someone and have the bot filter out the @ to give the right link.


I am not sure why @mention is needed, if I start to type the name of a person, hit tab, it expands their username automatically.

If you are asking for @ to be stripped, you must open a feature request to be voted on.

If you are wanting to have the @mention in the output:

Update your language entries (you should be able to use vi or textedit on your Mac, depending on what you are familiar with):

File: scripts/lang/english/handlers/handlers-followHandler.js

Notice that I put a ‘@’ before the $1 below – change the language to be whatever you want.

$.lang.register(‘followhandler.shoutout.usage’, ‘Usage: !$1 (streamer)’);
$.lang.register(‘followhandler.shoutout.offline’, ‘Go give @$1 a follow at $2 - they were last seen playing: $3!’);
$.lang.register(‘followhandler.shoutout.online’, ‘Go give @$1 a follow at $2 - they are currently playing: $3!’);
$.lang.register(‘followhandler.shoutout.no.game’, ‘Hey! Go give @$1 a follow at $2!’);

shoutout moojack
[07-10-2017 @ 11:12:36.861 MDT] [MUTED] Go give @Moojack a follow at https://twitch.tv/Moojack - they were last seen playing: FINAL FANTASY XIV Online!
shoutout illusionaryone
[07-10-2017 @ 11:12:42.232 MDT] [MUTED] Go give @IllusionaryOne a follow at https://twitch.tv/IllusionaryOne - they were last seen playing: Retro!

For further notes about updating language:

Note that if you want to keep your updates to the file between releases, you should make a copy of the language file in scripts/lang/custom and modify it there.


Hey IO, I think the @Worthers91 means if you do the !shoutout command like this:

!shoutout @IllusionaryOne it will print a url like: https://twitch.tv/@IllusionaryOne


Right, just not sure I understand the logic of the @mention being any different from starting to type the name and then hitting tab. I am not sure what purpose the @mention serves. The documentation indicates ‘streamer’, not ‘@streamer.’


I dunno, I think people expect the @mentions to work because that’s the easiest way to type in a username. I mean imagine if a person had a name like c00lu53rn4m3. It’d be much easier to type !shoutout @c0 then hit enter to complete vs typing the full name, or hit enter then scroll over to the @ and delete it.


Still not sure I follow, in Twitch Chat, I type c0, then hit tab, it expands the name. I had no idea it was localized to only @mentions when I never use @mentions to expand a username.

Anyway, if a feature request is opened, voted on, etc – can look at stripping.


I didn’t even know that functionality existed, so news to me.

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