Match specific word in blacklist

Hi, I’m new to Phantombot and try to setup my blacklist. Now I have a problem.

When I want to block “cock” and add “cock” to the blacklist, the bot also gives a timeout for “Cockerspaniel” or “Joe Cocker”, for example. Similar with “pedo”, it also blocks “torpedo”.

How can I enter a phrase into the blacklist, that only this specific phrase within a chat message will match?

Thanks for your support!

My solution is now:

The word must be surroundet by \b - for example \b(test)\b and regex must be activated.

Thanks for helping me out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting, I was actually looking for how to do this as well. Quick question: does the word need to be in parenthesis?

No, the word doesn’n need to be in paranthesis.

\bword\b works as well.

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do you have an example as Sceenshot?

This is the way I solved it. I don’t know if it is the best way, but it seems to work.