Mass subscription gift will not reward resubs


I checked the people that get a mass subscription gift. The only message in chat was the amount and the gifters name, but not the gifted receptions. Also the receptions will not get an reward, that they “resubbed” and they will not appear in “last sub” list…

How can I archive this?

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The tag we get from Twitch is msg-param-mass-gift-count. And a tag to say who gave the subscription. With limitations on how long a message from Twitch can be, I am not sure how they would handle tens or hundreds of subscriptions. Even that tag is not officially documented in the Twitch API docs.

Okay, that’s bad. You’re right, if there are 100 usernames … that would be messy. But twitch is printing the receptions in the chat inside a custom message box…

I just add the points manually currently, cause there are just sub-bombs with 3 to 5 users…

But yeah :confused: think we can’t do something here.

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Remember, what Twitch does on the website is not always what we can get for data. They have hidden APIs and other methods. There are entirely unsupported/unknown APIs. Like you said - custom message box.

Now, in theory, from what I have read, Twitch is supposed to send a subgift tag for every gifted subscriber after the initial subscription. However, that doesn’t mean that they always do that or that they are. None of this is documented officially. However, if you are not seeing the gifts after the initial count report then Twitch might not be sending that after all. The last time I read that was maybe happening was right at launch.

Hold up on this. I do think we might be getting the rest of the data and discarding it, once I got a chance to go and look at code between working on things for work. Let me double check and if we are getting the data, look at a new method to silently update the information in the database so that information is not lost.

However, I am not sure that a reward should still be given to folks that are presented a gift - I mean they didn’t resub/subscribe, someone else did. if you feel otherwise, I can look into still providing a reward.

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Yes, but Subscriber is still a role, that can earn more points than regular viewers. So that would be nice, if they appear there in the database.

For Subgifts they also get a reward, so why not for masssubgifts :slight_smile:

Hope you find something. I don’t know how other bot solutions handle this

So, Subscribers are recognized by Twitch IRC tags. Anyone who receives a gifted sub is still granted their subscriber status and updated in the database automatically. This has nothing to do with the reward system.

If Twitch would separate all the users who are getting the free sub from the mass gift event, it would be easy, but as of right now, Twitch sends one event saying X user gifted Y subs, after that all the users that get a free subscriptions are sent as normal subscriptions event, which requires us to ignore them or our normal subscriber event thinks all of those users are subscribing. For this, we would need check each subscriber, make sure they are from the mass subscription event and then send the mass subscription event to the bot’s scripts and reward the users and the user to gifted the subs. However, if for some reason all those events aren’t sent by Twitch, no one will get points.

Anyway, not going to add this because of the complexity and twitch doesn’t provide any good documentation (none at all), so it could all change by tomorrow.

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