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Cannot figure out the command for viewers to see how many currency they have. What is the command?

The command is !points or the name of your currency (ex. if your currency is called balloons then !balloons)

Hey gmt, I’ve tried that with no success:
[05-31-2019 @ 05:24:58.945 GMT] funclej: !coins
[05-31-2019 @ 05:25:03.304 GMT] funclej: !coin
[05-31-2019 @ 05:25:09.254 GMT] funclej: !points
[05-31-2019 @ 05:25:50.214 GMT] funclej: !gamble 10
[05-31-2019 @ 05:25:50.217 GMT] [CHAT] funclej rolled 75 and won 3 coins!

Did you activate the module?

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That fixed it dungi. Thank you. Didn’t realize that was a module that needed to be activated!

I know this is confusing on the new panel, we forgot to add a toggle switch on the main page for it.

It will be fixed in our next release.

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