Lost on how to use localhost/whether my VPS will work

PhantomBot Version: 2.4.2
OS Version: Windows 10
Java Version: Java 8 Update 191
Browser and Version: Chrome, version 71
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Good evening,

I set up PhantomBot using the windows guide, but being entirely techiliterate, I fail to understand how to proceed.

I have a VPS (heroku) but files are reset to what they were deployed as by default every hour, so I’m not sure if it would work for Phantombot. If I wanted to host it local since I would only need it anyway while the stream runs, which guide do I have to follow now?

Please read the documentation here for vps’s, and the guides here for setting it up locally.

Most common questions have already been asked and answered in some form, a quick search usually turns up what you’re looking for :slight_smile:.

I read both of them before opening the topic and the documentation regarding VPS left me even more lost than I was before, while when I try the localhost link I get a connection denied error.

You probably missed this:

I did in fact, prolly shouldn’t try stuff like that when I haven’t slept for 30 hours. Thanks, could access the panel using my local ip adress.

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