Localization on the Panel


This topic will explain how the localization tab works on the new control panel.

When you click to edit a lang file, the bot will first look for if you have a custom version of the file in the ./scripts/lang/custom folder, if you do it will load the file and get all language entries, afterwards it will select the default file located in ./scripts/lang/english and add any missing entries that were not found in your custom file. This is why, your custom language folder should have the save directory structure as the english one, so if you try to edit the commands/commands-customCommands.js file, the bot will look in both in ./scripts/lang/custom/commands/commands-customCommands.js and ./scripts/lang/english/commands/commands-customCommands.js. Having the same file structure and naming is crucial for your edits to show on the control panel. Once you save the file on the dashboard, it will be saved in your custom language folder, when updating be sure to copy the folder over of you’ll lose your edits.

Please note that the bot will only show the default language files it ships with and not any 3rd party languages files you may have added, unless you add it to the english language folder.

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