Introducing The NEW PhantomBot Control Panel


Little bug in alerts.js: the second one e.hostMessage must be e.autoHostMessage


I didn’t add it to that panel. The main reason I added it to the others is because some users didn’t like seeing the viewer count on the old panel.

Can you let me know what you mean by “i can’t click on any menu point after keywords.”? Thanks!


Thanks. It will be fix for our next release.

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Adding some feedback from someone I mod for who has been testing the new panel.

I don't like how the new panel shows the events in order instead of reverse order. It shows oldest event first instead of newest first.

Is this something that can be toggled?


Hello, i’ve found PhantomBot in Google, and i very love it.
But, i’ve a little problem, and i would like to help you to solve it.

For a french users, it apear to be complicated if they doesn’t speak englisk (like me :wink: )
If you need, i could translate all your software (panel, and all texts) in french.
Just say me where is the files (stable and beta, of course :slight_smile: )


You can do like the German translation, just make a forum post and keep the files up to date.

All of the bot’s responses are located in the lang files.

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There will be one in the next version.

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as @ScaniaTV said you can easily translate the bot :slight_smile: if you van’t find something you need to translate just PM me, i help you with finding it


Will it notify when new updates are published for the beta panel?


Something wrong in currency.js:

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Code seems fine here, note that the new panel doesn’t auto refresh data and never will. You might have to refresh the page if you’re editing on both panels. Also, those input boxes aren’t all in one line on my end. Did you edit anything?


I put 1, 2, 3 & 4 in fields, then refreshed both panels. I used fresh original copy of PhantomBot (with my botlogin.txt) and implemented original copy of beta-panel folder in it.


You’re right, sorry. I’m clearly blind. Will be fixed in our next release.

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I suggest to integrate command descriptions from into additional column on default commands page. It would be extra convenient.


Sadly there’s no easy way for us to implement this. Some commands would also not have descriptions, like custom ones for example which can lead to confusion.


I said only “DEFAULT commands page”. Own custom commands don’t need a description for streamer (we have RDS fo viewers). If you make some preform/stencil file for it (sorry I can’t express the proper word in English), I can do this routine work to fill this file with descriptions.


I know you mean the default commands list on the panel, that list is generated by pulling all commands that have a permission, which is all bot commands including custom ones and ones from custom modules. There’s so fast and proper way of doing this. In this panel I am not impmeneing hacky things for features. With the current panel a lot of hacky things have been done and we all know that some tabs of the panel are super slow because of it.

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I see. But please keep in mind if this may become possible in the future.

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Hi! I can’t seem to download the new file from the blog post. The link takes me to the ZelCloud site and makes me sign in. I am on a Windows computer


Hey, I literally was just able to download it to set up the panel for a friend. So it should be working correctly. Try this link and let me know what happens.