Information About Version 2.3.9


Hey everyone!

We’re making this post so address questions you guys are asking. A lot of changes were introduced in version 2.3.9, we totally understand your concerns regarding this big update. If you have any questions not mentioned in this topic, please reply below and we will do our best to help you.

How do I update to version 2.3.9?

  • Updating to version 2.3.9 is done the same way as before, you only need to copy your botlogin.txt and phantombot.db files over to your new folder. If you have any custom sounds, alerts, or scripts, you will have to copy those as well. Once you launch version 2.3.9 for the first time, your database, botlogin, sounds, and alerts will be moved into the config folder making it easier to update next time.

How do I use the new rank and permission syncing feature?

  • Once you have the bot fully setup in your Discord server, you can simply use the !rolemanager command to access the toggles for this feature. For now, this feature isn’t on the control panel.

How can I assign roles to new users in Discord?

  • On the control panel, under the Discord section, simply go to the greetings tab and set a role name you want users to have when joining.

Why aren’t communities auto-completing on the control panel like game titles?

  • Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t allow us to search for communities, we can only look them up by the exact name.

Can I rename a role that the bot has created to be synced on users?

  • No.

Will we be able to sync our followers to a role?

  • No, this is basically impossible and requires a lot of bot resources and hitting the Twitch API a lot.
Control Panel not logging me in?

I copied the files but when I try to launch it it says I don’t have java even I do…



try uninstalling java and reinstalling it after, then restart your computer.


Is there any plans on adding the custom scripts for like games and moved to the config folder as well. Great change but would like to have one folder to move on every up date instead of 2.


You can choose to do this yourself if you really desire it. The odds of us enforcing this are extremely low, as it does not follow a logical naming scheme or convention for project separation/structure (custom scripts are not something that fits into the configuration category).


There must be a way to search communities as other bots do for tab compleation


Let us know when you find it.


There’s probably 3rd party APIs, which don’t use for obvious reasons.


i copied the old phantombot login files etc what was in the guide and I now finally got upgrade for my java from programmers help but I still can’t get this 2.3.9 to run like the old one.


You’ll have to be a bit more spcific here, i’m not sure what you mean by “I still can’t get this 2.3.9 to run like the old one”.


I have now 2.3.8. That’s the old one I mentioned last post.


Can you open a new support ticket and provide some specific examples of what is wrong? Are certain features not working? Is the bot not starting up? Is data not present? Please outline all of that into a proper support ticket so that we can help and keep this thread clean.



okay i’ll do that thanks