Import points from Streamelements

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0
OS Version: Ubuntu
Java Version: 8
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): chrome/opera
Stock PhantomBot: Yes
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Hi i was wondering if it is possible to import the loyality points from streamelements to the phantombot.
If yes could someone explain me how i have to do this?

Couldnt find sth here in the forums


I went and quickly looked at StreamElements again, I do not see an export option for points. Looking at the API, I see endpoints for PUT but the GET is blank in their documentation.

Additionally, there is no documentation for the users endpoint:

You could ask StreamElements, as one of their customers, if they have an option to export loyalty points or to provide actual documentation for their API endpoints.

Or maybe thats channels i have points in idk

If it is one user at a time, that isn’t very sustainable with their rate limits. Not too bad if we are importing from a small channel, however without a list of all users, we can only go off of the users that PhantomBot knows about. Official documentation would be preferred too.

that has ?limit= up to 1000 for both them api’s above

Where is the documentation that indicates this?

We took this to Discord :slight_smile: Have the 2.0 documentation, which I will note here:

However, responses are not documented. Would be looking for complete documentation.

I got an answer from streamelemnts that they dont have the function to export points but you can import them with the steamlabs chatbot.

So maybe there is a way for you too?

If they don’t export points, we have nothing to load into PhantomBot.

But streamlabs is able to import with a api, why its not possible here?

Im not a programmer so sorry for this question^^

Imagine that you have a box full of paperwork. This paperwork belongs to StreamElements. They can put paperwork into that box but provide no way for you to ever pull the paperwork out and read it. That is the problem. They have provided a one-way transfer. Data can go in, data doesn’t go out. If I cannot read what is in the box, I cannot load it.

They have a way to import (bring in data). As they said, they don’t have the function to export or provide data to another bot.

Hmm ok so ill try to import it to streamlabs chatbot and then ill use the converter may this works. Thy for the replies :slight_smile:

StreamLabs or StreamElements? StreamLabs may be using an unsupported and/or undocumented API endpoint. We choose to not use undocumented APIs. It often leads to problems. It could also be that they have worked together to provide StreamLabs with a way to export the points.

I have a working development relationship with StreamLabs, they are easy to work with. StreamElements, I do not have a working development relationship with. When I tried, they weren’t very helpful.

Streamlabs , its possible to import the streamelementspoint with streamlabs he told me

StreamLabs may be using this endpoint:

Note that there is no documentation for the Response. If StreamElements had proper documentation, we would look to support it. I have worked on too many APIs that are not documented to know it isn’t a great idea.

Hopefully the export to StreamLabs then providing an import to PhantomBot works.

I tried it out now. You can create a jwt token in streamelements with that i was able to import points from streamelemens to streamlabs and now im trying to use the ankhconverter from phantom

Ok it worked. :slight_smile:

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