Implement poll functionality in Discord

I haven’t come across anything like this yet while searching, so apologies if I’m a dummy and this has already been discussed/exists :sweat_smile:

Right now polls are only available in Twitch chat (to my knowledge). Extending that functionality to Discord as well could be very useful for polls which are open indefinitely/ longer than the length of the broadcast or for users who may have missed a broadcast in which a poll was held.
It could also be useful for pre/post broadcast polls.

Hey guys.
i would also love to see that feature in the bot.
it would be amazing, if the bot could give some voting option as reactions that it is counting…

The command for that could be roughly similar to the betting system:
!vote #channel “Title” “Description” “reactions to count” [Time till auto close (seperation in day, hours, minutes? or a date function?)]

Maybe the channel could defined separately
If the given time is up, the bot could post the results in that channel and delete the poll itself and only let the result posted.