HTTP Basic Auth Support In (customapijson) and (customapi)


Please add HTTP basic auth support to the URL in the (customapijson) and (customapi) tags.

My specific use case is covered in PhantomBot Unable To Read VLC’s JSON API. I’d like to be able to read data from the VLC web interface’s JSON API but it requires authentication and VideoLan is not going to remove the auth requirement. This is so people can run a !currentsong or similar command to learn what song is playing over my stream. (I use Kevin MacLeod music from and he requires attribution, this is how I’d like to give him attribution).

General format for basic auth in URLs is http(s)://user:[email protected], VLC specifically requires only a password (http(s)://:[email protected]).


Added in PR #2148

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This has been merged. Next Nightly Release and full release.

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