How To Update PhantomBot


This is a walkthrough on how to update to the latest and greatest PhantomBot release, without losing any of your data.

Windows / macOS:

  • You’re going to need the latest version of PhantomBot from here.

  • Once you have the latest release downloaded you need to extract PhantomBot.

    • Windows: Right click the zip file, select extract all.
    • MacOS: Double click the zip file.
  • Find your current PhantomBot installation, the one you’re updating from.

    • For standard installations:
      • Copy over your config folder. Do not just copy individual files, all files are important and required.

      • If you do not have a config folder, this means that you’re upgrading from an older version than v2.3.9, which then you need to copy over your botlogin.txt, phantombot.db, and phantombot.db-journal to the bot’s config folder.

      • Copy over your custom language folder from the old bot folder. (bot-folder/scripts/lang/custom)

    • If you have custom scripts:
      • Copy only your modified/custom files over to the new PhantomBot folder.
  • Launch your new PhantomBot. Keep your old PhantomBot folder as a backup for the future.


1. Stop your PhantomBot:

First switch to your botuser:

sudo su - botuser

Then run this:

kill $(pgrep -f PhantomBot)

or if you have it, use:

sudo systemctl stop phantombot

Wait 20 seconds and check if your PhantomBot is not running:

ps -ef | grep PhantomBot

2. Update PhantomBot:

Switch to the home directory:

cd ~

Rename the old folder:

mv phantombot phantombot-old

If you receive an error that the phantombot-old directory already contains a file, then either remove the phantombot-old directory or rename it:

To remove it: rm -Rf phantombot-old
To rename it: mv phantombot-old new_directory_name_of_your_choosing

Get the latest PhantomBot release:


Replace the X with the current release version like!

After the download has finished, we have to unzip the files.


To make future updates a bit easier, we have to rename the PhantomBot folder.

mv PhantomBot-X.X.X phantombot

Copy phantombot.db and botlogin.txt to your new folder (VERY IMPORTANT):

cp -R ./phantombot-old/config/ ./phantombot/ (v2.3.9 or newer)
cp -R ./phantombot-old/scripts/lang/custom/ ./phantombot/scripts/lang/ (v2.3.9 or newer)

Do not copy your database or botlogin into the config folder, the bot will do this for you.
cp ./phantombot-old/phantombot.db ./phantombot/ (v2.3.8 or older)
cp ./phantombot-old/botlogin.txt ./phantombot/ (v2.3.8 or older)

The last thing we need to do is to assign the right privileges to make the and files executable.

cd phantombot
chmod u+x

Now we are ready to launch PhantomBot again. You can run the bot with:



sudo systemctl start phantombot

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