How to Setup Multiple PhantomBot Instances


The time may come when you decide to host multiple PhantomBot’s from one PC or server. To do this, you will need to install a second PhantomBot instance into a new directory/folder. You will setup PhantomBot like you did originally, that is, getting OAuth keys and any other application keys that you require. The one difference is, in the botlogin.txt file, you will need to change the baseport setting. This needs to be at least 6 ports higher than the previous instance of PhantomBot. For example, if your first PhantomBot instance has a baseport of 25000 then the new instance should have a baseport of at least 25006. You may, of course, choose to go 1000 ports higher and use 26000 if that is easier to keep track of.

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Running multiple instances of PhantomBot