How to Setup GIF Alerts


PhantomBot allows you to alias a random gif of your choice to a command that viewers can type in chat and it will be displayed on your stream

How to add GIFs:

  • You will have to find the gif that you want and download it to your computer in the standard .gif format. You can also use .webm and .mp4 files. This example shows only gifs.
  • Once you have it, open your PhantomBot folder and place the gif in phantombot_folder/config/gif-alerts.
  • You can also add a sound to play with that gif, just get an audio clip in .mp3 format and name it the same as the gif file.

How to make the command:

  • You can simply type
    !addcom !command (alert gifname.gif)
  • You can also add text to be displayed in chat too.
    !addcom !command Random text. (alert gifname.gif)
  • You can also need to add the time you want the gif to play for, simply add a comma after the gif name and place the seconds.
    !addcom !command (alert gifname.gif,5)
  • You can also add the volume level (0.0 - 1.0).
    !addcom !command (alert gifname.gif,5,0.5)
  • You can also use custom CSS with this:
    !addcom !command (alert gifname.gif,5,0.5,background:#000;top:50%)

(As of the nightly build of January 3rd 2019, v2.4.2)

  • You can also add custom text.
    !addcom !command (alert gifname.gif,5,0.5,background:#000;top:50%,THIS TEXT IS COOL)

How to capture the gif:

  • Simply open http://localhost:25000/alerts in your web browser if you are running the bot locally and you can use a window capture with your streaming software to put it pn stream. If you are running the bot on a server replace the localhost part with your server IP address.

This guide might also help you out: OBS Browser Source for Gif Alerts and Sound FX

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