How to Modify PhantomBot Language Files


This guide will assist you in understanding how to modify the language files in PhantomBot to customize your version.

Control Panel

If you want to edit one of the bot’s output from the panel, you can simply go under the settings tab and click the “Localization” button, this will allow you to view all of PhantomBot’s responses.


  1. You will need a text editor. Do not use the Windows notepad, especially if you’re translating to a lang that has special characters. Use Notepad++.
  2. Make sure you turn off the bot.
  3. Open your scripts folder, and then open lang. You will be in this directory “PhantomBot\scripts\lang”.
  4. Then open the English lang folder and copy all the lang files in that folder to the custom folder.
  5. Then you will need to open all of the .JS scripts with notepad++ and translate it to the language you want.
    $.lang.register('', 'link filter has been enabled.');
    You would just need to edit the part after the comma. “link filter has been enabled.”. DO not edit the first part. “” or it will cause issues.
  6. Once you have the files all edited save them and boot the bot up.
  7. Once the bot is up type “!lang [the name of language you changed the folder to]”.
  8. And you’re done, the bot should be fully translated!
  9. Once you update PhantomBot copy the custom lang folder to the new bot folder and if any lang is missing from a update it will not give you a error it will just take the one that is English, then you can translate that line and put it in your custom lang folder.
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