How to Import Points into StreamLabs


Ever wanted to import your points into StreamLabs? Well now you can! This article will walk you through and get started, by the time you’re done you’ll have all your points from PhantomBot available to use in StreamLabs! Let’s get started:


  • PhantomBot v2.3.9 or above.
  • A StreamLabs account.


  1. Open the PhantomBot console and type in “exportpoints”. This will cause PhantomBot to export your points into the main bot directory. Please allow some time for the bot to do this.
  2. Head over to the StreamLabs Account Settings page.
  3. Click on the Import tab.
  4. Hit the “Import” button next to PhantomBot and upload your CSV file which should be in your main PhantomBot directory.
  5. Check to see if points imported by going to the Overlays & Loyalty page.
  6. Profit.

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